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My husband and I wanted a special baby shower for our baby but we also wanted it to be practical. We wanted gifts that we could actually use or cash gifts. I can’t thank Lifafa enough for helping us here!


When my wife and I were expecting our second baby, we knew we needed some help with guiding our guests about our gift preferences. We were very selective about what we needed and what we didn’t want. Lifafa made it easier for us to communicate to our guests to give us what we wanted.


Thank you for creating this awesome way of asking for the gifts we exactly want. I used Lifafa for my son's first birthday and the cash fund was used to buy stuff to set up his new room.


I didn’t originally plan to have a baby shower for my baby because I didn’t want unwanted gifts. But Lifafa made me realize that I could get cash gifts in an elegant manner from my loved ones. My baby shower was a success!


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