194R Regulations Summary
  • The provider of any benefit or perquisite given to a dealer, supplier, influencers or similar partners resulting from a business or professional relationship.
  • Aggregate value or the benefit exceeds INR 20,000 in the financial year.
  • The Provider to deduct tax at the rate of 10 percent before providing such benefit or perquisite.
  • The aggregate annual threshold of Rs 20,000 is to be considered for the entire FY 2022-23 with effect from April 1.
  • However, TDS liability will trigger only on the benefit or perquisite provided on or after July 1, 2021.
  • Higher rate of 20% TDS applicable for dealers who do not have PAN or have filed their Tax returns.
  • TDS shall apply to all modes of providing benefit or perquisite, whether in cash or kind or partially in cash and kind.
  • It has been clarified that tax shall be deducted in the name of the dealer irrespective of the utilisation of such benefit/perquisite.
  • This would result in TDS credit and corresponding income as per Form 26AS in the name of the dealer.
  • Business conferences organised with the prime object of educating dealers/customers about new products, sales techniques and other similar business-related objectives have been excluded from the purview of TDS liability subject to certain conditions.
  • However, expenses on prior stays or overstay beyond the dates of business conferences continue to attract perquisite TDS (At fair value).
  • Certain exemptions apply in case of samples that are returned etc.
* Applicable where provider turnover is more than INR 50 L in the case of companies
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