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Lifafa pre-paid gift card

Single-load gift card with wide acceptance
  • A perfect gift card to reward your employees and business associates.
  • The Lifafa pre-paid Gift Card is widely accepted at more than 750,000 merchant across the country​.
  • Our partners include supermarkets, hypermarkets, restaurants, fuel stations, all eCommerce sites.​
  • Except for withdrawing cash, you can purchase anything using the Lifafa pre-paid Gift Card​.
  • This is a is a non-reloadable card which comes with a 1-year validity period and a maximum load limit of INR 10,000.
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cash cards

Lifafa Employee Benefits Card

Reloadable card with multiple benefits
  • The Lifafa Employee benefits card is a Multi use card that allows you to handle business expenses, incentives, and employees’ tax benefit allowances and expense reimbursements, all in one place​
  • This is a reloadable card with 3-year validity with load limits as per prevailing regulations
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