Lifafa Retail Tech

Our Retail Tech Solutions extend our strong loyalty and engagement product DNA to offer merchants easy to use Saas based solutions for increasing customer retention. Our retail tech platforms have two modules:
Redemption Catalogue WL
  • Plug and play white label platform that uses your existing rewards as a payment instrument
  • Load a pre-paid wallet on their mobile phone
  • Load Money into the pre-paid wallet
  • Offer discounts on load
  • Pay using wallet at time of purchase
  • Top-up whenever balance runs out
Pre-paid Gift cards
  • White label Gift card issuance and redemption platform with powerful white labelling and customisation capabilities
  • Allow customers to buy gift cards on your own White label site
  • Money from gift cards is transferred to your account next day
  • Enjoy the benefits of working capital until the Gift Cards are redeemed