There are three methods for redeeming a Lifafa. You may either:

  • Select products and/or gift vouchers from any one of our third party gift partners as listed on our Site;
  • Transfer funds from your Lifafa to any bank account by providing appropriate bank details. In this case we will levy a service fee; or
  • Choose to opt for a virtual debit card that can be used at any online merchant of your choice. In this case we will levy a small issuance fee.


  • Amount contributed by the Giver cannot be cancelled / reversed under any circumstances. All contributions made shall be treated as final. In the event you have contributed to a wrong Lifafa, you may write to us at for rectification of the same.
  • Lifafa's created can be cancelled / disabled at any time provided there are no funds in the Lifafa account. If any funds exist, the same must be utilised using one of the redemption mechanisms before requesting closure / cancellation of the Lifafa
  • Once a redemption is requested for a particular product / gift voucher from a third party gift partner, the same cannot be cancelled. Further all fulfillment issues regarding returns / cancellations / defects etc. will be the sole responsibility of the third party gift partner and governed by their respective policies. Lifafa will not be liable in the event the third party gift partner is not able to fulfill the product as per customer expectation. All such issues must be taken up with the third party gift partner2 directly.
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