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A Shagun start for your Lifafa

Create your first Lifafa, we will make a Shagun contribution of up to Rs.501/-*
(T&C apply)

With Lifafa, you can...

  • Gift-Registry-With-Lifafa

    Tell your loved ones about
    your dream gift.

  • Cash-Registry-With-Lifafa

    Invite them to contribute cash
    towards your dream gift.

  • Redeem-Cash-With-Lifafa

    Redeem cash contributions with our
    partners or to your bank account.

Dream gifts that Lifafa has helped fulfill...

A Birthday Adventure A Birthday Adventure
Furniture for your home Furniture for your home
Wedding Jewellery Wedding Jewellery
Nursery For Your Newborn Nursery For Your Newborn
A Dream Honeymoon A Dream Honeymoon

You can redeem your Lifafa with...

Create a Lifafa. It’s simpler than you think...

  • Create a Lifafa for an occasion
  • Make your Lifafa personal by adding pictures and notes
  • Share your Lifafa link with your friends and family
  • Check your Dashboard for Contributions
  • Redeem your Lifafa as gift vouchers or cash

User Testimonials

We chose Lifafa for accepting cash-gifts from our friends on our wedding. With the cash received, we planned a 12 day long honeymoon across Europe. Lifafa gave us a lot of freedom to pick exactly what we wanted to do with the cash.

Karthik & Aditi

I created a Lifafa for my birthday and I got an amazing response from my friends. I could fund my scuba diving course in the Andamans and I have never been happier.


Thank you for creating this awesome way of asking for the gifts we exactly want. I used Lifafa for my son's first birthday and the cash fund was used to buy stuff to set up his new room.


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