Maximize Employee Savings

With our multi-wallet benefits app & employee deals marketplace

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Maximise Employee Savings

With our multi-wallet solution:

  • Savings in excess of ₹1.0L per year
  • Load multiple tax-free benefits on one card
  • Multiple wallets for different benefits
  • Create up to 99 wallets
  • 100% RBI & IT compliant
  • Mastercard/Visa/Rupay backed card
  • Wide acceptance across 2 Lakh+ merchants
  • Digital & physical card options with instant activation
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Three years validity

Corporate Deals Marketplace

Savings of upto 20% on 300+ daily use brands

  • Only available for WorkPerx members
  • Periodic special offers
  • Collective buying feature
  • Ability to offer your company discounts to all WorkPerx members
  • Instant purchase & digital delivery

Offer Optional Benefits

Expand your suite of perks, benefits and corporate deals

  • Add on insurance
  • Wellbeing support
  • Discounted gym memberships
  • Digital healthcare
  • Credit card, loans and investment deals

Reward More

Say thank you with a gift card or a digital certificate

  • Instant digital certificate with your companies’ template
  • Send a gift voucher for their favorite brand for a job well done
  • Pre-load money into a manager’s wallet
  • Track budget spend
  • Offer better choice of rewards

Enjoy Working Capital Savings

Enjoy cash backs and discounts from merchants

  • Get cash back of up to 5% from merchants on redemptions
  • Load employee wallets just in time
  • Disburse cash based on draw down request
  • Track benefits budget and disbursements in real time
  • Ensure purchase from authorised vendors only with pre-negotiated discounts

Reduce Admin Costs and Improve Compliance

Achieve greater transparency of your benefit spends

  • Digitize your existing process
  • Reduce manual errors
  • No delay in issuing benefits or rewards
  • Offer wider choice to your people
  • Easier claims process
  • Improve compliance
  • Get better visibility & MIS

Set-up your benefits structure  

  1. Configure benefits, reimbursements & eligiblity
  2. Set-up the wallets along with limits
  3. Set-up auto issue of cards on successful registration

Onboard your workforce

  1. Onboard employees
  2. Complete KYC
  3. Activate card account
  4. Request Physical card if needed

Load benefits and manage redemptions

  1. Load benefits into user wallets
  2. Set auto top-ups for recurring monthly allowances
  3. Redeem at your favourite merchants

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